Ser Jacopo S2 opus freehand.

Ser Jacopo S2 opus freehand
Ser Jacopo S2 opus freehand
Ser Jacopo S2 opus freehand
Ser Jacopo S2 opus freehand
Ser Jacopo S2 opus freehand
Ser Jacopo S2 opus freehand
Ser Jacopo S2 opus freehand
Ser Jacopo S2 opus freehand
Ser Jacopo S2 opus freehand
Ser Jacopo S2 opus freehand


Ser Jacopo dalla Gemma

Like a mushroms

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Lunghezza pipa: 133
Altezza Fornello: 64
Diametro esterno fornello: 44
Diametro interno fornello: 20
Peso: 57g

Ser Jacopo S2 opus freehand.

Ser Jacopo is the brightest creature that Giancarlo Guidi has created.
Today if the pipe industry exists in the Marche it is due to him.
Ser Jacopo was the school desk and master of an entire generation of Pipemakers who, without him, would do anything else today.
At the end of the 60s, it was realized that the pipes had to be lightened: no more ornaments but objects for everyday use.

This simple observation totally changed the market: it was a tsunami that swept away everything that was there before.
The object became Subject.

The rest of the story is something known and willing: you can find it here!

read our article on the work of one of the great men of the European pipe.

Ser Jacopo S2 opus freehand.

This pipe has several characteristics that make it an extreme performance pipe.

Let’s start from the shape; absolutemante out of the ordinary.
This pipe was probably built observing a lignicolo mushroom; of those that sprout from the trunks in the bottom of the woods.
In the Marches there are still woods and people that go there and the biggest Pipemaker is Mother Nature.
In fact, looking at it well would seem an infumable and only ornamental pipe.
Nothing could be more false!
This pipe is built as if it were a pendulum, and then once between the teeth it is perfectly balanced to tackle very long smokes.
From the outside it looks like a mushroom or an insect’s cocoon, and yet it is an amazing smoke machine.

The stove is very inclined and the mouthpiece is inserted almost directly into it, almost without passing through a torch; to give stability a silver ring that stabilizes the most fragile part.
The dimensions are quite generous but they are neither heavy nor heavy.
The sanded finish helps to have the least amount of root on the pipe and through its waves to dissipate the heat of the smoke.

In conclusion, an absolutely atypical pipe, which even if it is whimsical and unconventional, has a meticulous study on weights and volumes, and which will offer smokes worthy of the brand’s fame.

Weight 57 g
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Ser Jacopo dalla Gemma