Ser Jacopo rusty small horn

Ser Jacopo rusty small horn
Ser Jacopo rusty small horn


The little Horn pipe

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Ser Jacopo rusty small horn.

Rustication is a workmanship that manufacturers do a little against desire, in fact it is thought that a rusty pipe is made of worse root or defective, and that is not the case.

We give grace to some beautiful pipes.

Often the producers have excellent but aesthetically ugly roots and in that case with the rustication the customer can buy a nice and excellent pipe at a slightly lower price.

The mouthpiece is in methacrylate

This pipe is light but very small.
Not everyone loves small pipes, but certainly are comfortable and easy to use.
Personally I find this creation very well balanced and for me balancing is crucial.

This type of pipe is the pride of Italy and the Marche; Unfortunately it is increasingly difficult to find objects constructed with such a cure and a minus so pronounced.

This pipe in your rack will let you know a new way of smoking and approach you to the most dynamic and sporty instrument.

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